Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What To Put It In

You've found the perfect gift, so what do you put it in? There are so many choices-pretty boxes, paper, bags, etc. Here are a few ideas to present a pretty package!

This pretty box from http://www.plumparty.com/ is perfect for an easy packaging job. Chocolate stripes with a ribbon on the lid make this easy and fun! It is also available in different sizes and design-$4.25.

A polka dot bag like this is another easy way to use for gift giving! It can also be reused by whoever receives it. This bag is from http://www.paper-source.com/ in small or medium.

These reusable gift bags are really neat! Made with fabric with a pretty ribbon! Choose a size and fabric and order individually, or order a collection. This collection comes with 8 small gift bags in 4 assorted prints for $38.99. Save paper and make your gift special! http://www.luckycrow.com/

***I have also seen really cute bags at the Dollar Store. You wouldn't believe the selection, if you're looking for something cheaper and pretty too!

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