Monday, November 17, 2008

A Bold Bag

Want to show off your colorful side or add some fun to an outfit? Take a look at these:

Not only is the shape of this bag unique, but he color is as well! Stop by Etsy at Jennifer Ladd's Shop for this fabulously bold clutch! The interior is lined with a bright yellow to compliment the exterior-you'll turn heads carrying this one-$40.00.

How about some fancy flowers to adorn your shoulder? Say hello to the Dahlia tote from Churchill Bags! This beautiful brown and white floral tote includes a cell phone pocket and an open pouch pocket. $25.00

Here's another burst of bold color for you from Sunny Side Up Boutique. This tote/pocketbook includes two interior pockets and a bamboo handle. This one is definitely unique and full of personality! $35.00- add a monogram for $6.00 extra!

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