Friday, February 27, 2009

All Natural For Pets

It's important to use natural and gentle products on your pets. So many dogs and cats have sensitive skin. Here are some products to consider:

Pal Dog offers lots of great organic products for your dog or cat. The Healthy Kitty Gift Set includes the Pal Kitty Freshen Up Foam which helps detangle to comb out excess hair, and an Organic Kitty Grass Growing Kit. $19

For Everybody offers a Sniff Your Surroundings line. The Aloe Nap gift set includes an odor absorbing molecule spray and gel. Anyone with pets knows that it doesn't always smell like roses around the house! This is safe to use around pets and children! $15

Halopets is a great company for holistic pet products, and it's owned partly by Ellen DeGeneres! Their herbal shampoo is perfect for all pets, especially ones with sensitive skin! $14.99 They also offer natural dog and cat food, treats and supplements.

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