Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Spotlight: The Hootie Coo Card Company

A while ago, I featured the Hootie Coo Card Company and wanted to show you some more of their fun stuff! Currently, they are working on their website, but you can still order from their Etsy site! Here are just a few of the many adorable paper products that they offer that are great for all ages-I love my stickers, address labels and tiny gift cards!

The Round Stickers are great for gift tags! The Panda is super cute, but take a look at their other designs too! Set of 12-$6, Set of 24-$11

I love the address labels too-especially these Guinea Pig cuties! Everything about their labels are fun! The shape is unique, and they are very easy to read! 42 labels-$9, 63 labels-$13

Their notepads are great too, and are also personalized. They make great gifts for anyone! Get a set of two for $14!

Stop by for a visit-I guarantee it will make you smile!

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