Friday, May 22, 2009

Traveling Chic

Need something pretty to pack? Take a look:

I've been looking for a cute carry-on that's not bulky and not boring. I think the Sassy Traveler from World According To Jess fits the bill! Perfect for toting your magazines, computer, book, change of clothes, etc. on the plane. On sale now for $70!

For your makeup, consider the fun Erela Oval Train Case from Stephanie Johnson. Choose your favorite fabric and tote your makeup in style! $54

Pink, green and navy-you can't go wrong with these colors! The Asheldon Bag from Jack Wills is great for a carry-on or a weekender. Great for those weekend trips to the beach! $119

I have this thing about my shoes touching my clothes. It's probably another one of my weird little habits. This shoe bag from Shoesies is just the thing to keep your shoes separate from your clothes. I know there have to be more people like me! $19.95 Available in other styles.

Now you're traveling in style!


Cheap Helmets said...

I love these designs these are simply awesome i must buy some of these.

The Preppy Princess said...

Can we just tell you how much we adore all of these, *especially* the Jack Wills? TDF. Absolutely TDF.

Smiles at you Miss Gumshoe,

Remedy Service Desk said...

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