Monday, March 26, 2012

Home Helpers

 Boy do I ever need this! Our cabinets look like a bomb went off-this would definitely keep things straight. The Pantree stores 14 pieces of cookware including 4 lids. Get one here for 19.95, one for $24.95 (includes utensil attachment) or two plus two utensil attachments for $39.95.

Want to jazz up those pots some of your plants are sitting in? Grab these pretty plant covers from Gussied Up Gifts. Small covers-$7 Medium covers $8.50.

Having a party? Pick up a Sombrero Serving tray hold 11 drinks, and makes serving a snap! From Heliotrope Home-also in orange. $20

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The Preppy Princess said...

Good finds, each and every one of these! (I'm partial to the Pantree, perhaps because i desperately need help in that area!)

Sending you a smile,