Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Enjoying The New Fall Line-up?

No gifts, but I was just wondering what everyone thought of some of the new shows this Fall? I'm really enjoying Blacklist on NBC. I am a huge James Spader fan-I swear he is a great bad guy, I wasn't sure how I would like Blacklist as it looked like a "Silence of The Lambs" TV show, but luckily, it wasn't like that. 

Another show-Sleepy Hollow on Fox is pretty cool. I really like the characters, and my husband even likes it because parts were filmed near his hometown. It's definitely different from the norm. 

I am so excited about the return of American Horror Story. Last season wasn't my favorite, but this one, Coven, looks like it's shaping up to be as good as the first! I love Jessica Lange-she has been excellent in both seasons. This one is perfectly spooky for the Halloween season!

I'm working on more blog posts. It's crazy how time just gets away from you! Promise to try my best! 

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