Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This & That

Are you ever just online, minding your own business, and you come across something that you think would make the perfect gift for someone? Often, that thought is followed by "maybe I should get one for myself." I could hardly believe my eyes when I came across The Diamond Candle. Here's the story. These soy candles come in a wide variety of scents, and colors. A candle, in itself, is usually a pretty good gift, but one that produces jewelry? Well, that is a fabulous gift. After several hours of burning, you will be able to reach a pouch that contains a ring that can be anywhere from a $10 value to $5000.00 value. From the pictures, the rings are beautiful! This is such a neat gift. Great for your bridesmaids, besties, or co-workers. Check out the video on their website as well as their facebook page for pictures of some of the rings found! Candle: $24.95

Next, I came across something that seems like they should have named it magic in a bottle! Bosom Couture offers Boob Glue a magical roll-on adhesive to keep the girls right where you want them. It is great for when you have a bra, or you need a bit of help with your little strapless numbers. When I saw this I wondered where it had been all of my life. I do not like strapless bras, as they never quite feel right, and would love to try this. Maybe I wouldn't have to avoid so many cute tops in the summer months if I had this in my bag of tricks! Take a look at their before and after pics! $34.95

Last, but certainly not least is something that is definitely on my wishlist for the gym. The Glo Bag. Let's just say, I'm a bit of a germ-a-phobe, and so I have been putting my shoes in a plastic bag in my duffel for the gym (which, ps has a broken zipper, but I digress). This handy bag has a place for all of your things and keeps your shoes from touching your clothes-if you're not into that sort of thing. It comes in Black, Pink or Lime Green. There is also a larger one if necessary. Anyone with a gym membership would appreciate this! It also has a place for a water bottle and a cell phone strap! $99

Were you as impressed as I was with these items? I had to stop myself from going on a shopping spree! Thanks for stopping by!

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