Monday, June 8, 2015

For Mom & Baby

Yesterday I was co-hosting a baby shower for a dear friend. So looking forward to meeting Miss Emma Grace! I picked up some adorable outfits from Carter's plus an ECU Pirates cheerleading uniform as she, her husband and my husband are all ECU alums. I started wondering what other neat things are out there for your preggo pals and family members-here is a sample of the cuteness I found.

I have really gotten into these cute little woodland creatures-how sweet! This little burp cloth and bib set from Little Man Originals caught my eye. There are several other choices, and what mom doesn't need extra burp cloths and bibs? That seemed to be the consensus yesterday-like shoes, you can never have too many! $28

These are super neat-obviously not new, but new to me-chewbeads. I always see babies chewing on mom's hair/necklace/anything else within mouth reach. Why not be fashionable and functional? Great for teething, and you can even put them in the dishwasher-nothing better than finding that information out, am I right? Choose your favorite style and color-get one in every color and accessorize! This one is the Astor Teething necklace. It comes in other colors as well. $38.50 and you can order yours (or a gift) here.
Last but not least-a very handy little product. Allergy Alert Labels are perfect gifts for moms. Who doesn't know someone these days that's not allergic to something-sometimes deathly allergic. I thought these were really neat. Personalize them, use them on sippy cups, and even for older kids and adults. You can never be too careful . Get 20 labels for 11.95. These are also dishwasher safe-do you see a theme here? I obviously am not a fan of hand washing! Find these and many other cool products at Inchbug.

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