Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Your Furry Family Members

I mean your pets, not furry people. I'm one of those pet people, and I know i'm not alone. Here are some fun and helpful products for those pet people in your life.

Having a doggy birthday party? Well, I know that I couldn't have a birthday party without cake! Order one of these beautiful and fun cakes from Bubba Rose. There are plenty to choose from, these start at 24.95 and will feed four medium to large dogs and can be personalized. Of course, they are made of organic ingredients.

A leash bag that holds those doggy bags is an essential for any dog owner. Classic Hound has some really cute and fashionable ones. $20

The Magic Latch is really neat. Especially if you have your hands full, and are trying to take the dog out for a walk and multi-tasking. Here's how you use it:

And here it is: Available in Pink, Blue and Black $24.99 here.

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